Putting Sermons On Your Website

Unfortunately, sites hosted at WordPress.com cannot use the nifty flash-enabled players that make embedding audio so easy on sites hosted elsewhere. Nonetheless, it is possible to put sermon audio on your church website using some fairly simple techniques.

1. SermonPlayer.com

Even though you can’t embed their flash player, SermonPlayer.com still provides some great options as long as you are willing to let your sermon player open in a new window. To accomplish this you’ll need to create a hyperlink to the sermon player using the target=”_blank” tag.

For example this code:

<a href=”http://sermon.net/calvaryofclayton”>Listen to Sermons</a>

creates this link to an off-site page that will open in a new window:

Listen to Sermons

2. Host and Embed

Another audio option is to host your files on any one of a dozen free hosting services then embed them using the available tags allowed by wordpress.com. For more on the tags check out the handy WordPress.com guide

You can see an example of a site that embeds audio right here.

3. Go Video

Finally, you can skip the audio embedding all together, pull out the camcorder and post your sermons to youtube.com as videos. Embedding youtube video is simple and pain free.


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